$TONNEL, next Alpha in Open League

The entire community is searching for the next Alpha of The Open League, and DetectiveTON has identified the TONNEL project. Tonnel Network focuses on Zero-Knowledge technology to enhance privacy features. The network offers anonymity for transactions involving TON, JETTONs, and NFTs. In simple terms, this is a privacy mixer like Tornado Cash, used to obstruct tracking of funds flow.

According to data from dyor.io, $TONNEL is currently priced at 0.84 $TON, and the pool with the greatest TVL depth at DeDust is only $390K. If calculated based on the Foundation’s support amount of 50K TON, its TVL has multiple times room to grow. However, up until now, the price of $TONNEL has nearly tripled, jumping from 0.23 to 0.84.

This article was updated on March 15, 2024