DYOR about the meme coin on TON!

It’s DYOR time!

When DetectiveTON first started looking at TON, there were only a dozen or so assets on re:doubt. At present, there are 89 assets on re:doubt, and they continue to grow at a rate of several per week. One of the fastest growing ones is the meme token.

Most of these memes are incomprehensible to us (but that’s why they’re called memes, aren’t they?). Today, DetectiveTON will make a simple summary of several meme tokens on TON:

  • ARBUZ - Watermelon meme coin, arbuz means watermelon in Russian. And what’s even more amazing is that there are indeed multiple Watermelon Festivals in Russia. Currently$ARBUZ has close to $100,000 in TVL on DeDust;
  • DFC - DeFinder Capital’s airdrop token, don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with the DeFi fund in Singapore. While there are a lot of visions of it listed on the page, we always thought of it as just a meme;
  • FISH - The full name is TonFish, and according to its official Twitter account, this is Telegram’s first social meme token. The team seems to have some relationship with TonRaffle, and there were some issues in previous launches, which TonRaffle’s team helped fix.
  • IVS - the introduction has only one sentence “Stalin did not disappear into the past – he dissolved into the future”, which looks like Stalin’s meme coin, which can only be said to be very Russian;
  • KINGY - A meme initiated by KOL Investment kingyru, a well-known KOL in the TON ecosystem, which has gained a lot of attention for its criticism of the TON network.

Finally, what DetectiveTON wants to say is that the distribution of meme pens is very simple, which also means that it is difficult for the project team to really commit it in the long term. We solemnly remind everyone not to be affected by short-term trading volumes and price fluctuations - if you don’t know where the profit comes from, then you are the one.

This article was updated on January 9, 2024