Is notcoin nothing? Probably

Recently, a project called Notcoin on TON has gradually caught people's attention. All you need to do is tap your finger to get free Notcoin (probably...)

At the Gateway conference in Dubai, Notcoin even had its own keynote opportunity for introduction.

According to the disclosure of the Notcoin project, they currently have over 300,000 users participating, and the Foundation sees it as the first step towards massive adoption.

Although it seems like a good business model to earn rewards with just a tap of your finger, DetectiveTON still holds reservations about it. One core issue is that a large amount of free tokens will create a huge initial circulating supply.

We doubt whether the project behind Notcoin has the capability to support such a "big project".

Since there's no cost needed for now, why not give it a try?

Be ready for it's "probably nothing" and that's why it's called "notcoin".

This article was updated on January 9, 2024