TonUP Plans to be Launched on on March 31st <Sponsored>

According to official news, TonUP plans to be launched on at 2 pm UTC time on March 31 (10 pm SGT time). It is reported that TonUP will launch giveaways and exclusive airdrop activities at that time, aiming to attract the community and showcase the breakthroughs of the platform sexual potential.

TonUP is an innovative asset launch platform built on TON, aiming to revolutionize the way projects are launched and supported in the crypto field, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for token issuance, community participation and project growth.

TonUP’s mission is to discover and incubate the most promising projects in the market, and to bring more empowerment to global users. With the firm support of TON Foundation and Foresight X, we are committed to exploring assets with outstanding potential on TON, promoting the development of TON ecosystem and the realization of Web3 Mass Adoption.


This article was updated on April 1, 2024