Notcoin, a mind-blowing scam?

I think everyone can tell that DetectiveTON has no interest in Notcoin, and now there's more interesting news. PROFIT, a Russian-language channel with 180,000 subscribers, recently accused Notcoin of being a scam. He wrote in the message:

In 2019, there was a similar project - VK Coin. In the end, all of these coins can only be exchanged for food delivery discounts. By the way, NotCoin was created by the developers of VK Coin! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Even if Notcoin is listed, it will cost a penny and sometimes it will crash immediately after listing because everyone will sell. And those who have been poking for a couple of weeks will earn a couple of hundred rubles.

I was also invited to advertise NotCoin on favorable terms. I refused. Because I respect you and your time. My opinion is not for sale.

In fact, that's how we've always thought about Notcoin. Notcoin uses airdrops as bait to attract a large number of user clicks and consume time, while selling its users to advertisers. And we don't think Notcoin has the 8 million users it claims to have, because just this morning someone started peddling the Notcoin bot.

This article was updated on January 13, 2024