Tonkeeper X is coming!

The most welcome wallet Tonkeeper just announced the release of Tonkeeper X, it's ready to install in Google Play while App Store is still under review. I bet most of you have the same confusion, why does everybody like X so much? We have X (aka. Twitter), Telegram X, SpaceX, etc.

According to Tonkeeper News, Tonkeeper is using the React-Native framework to speed up the development of multi-platform, while Tonkeeper X uses a brand-new native architecture, and when it's stable it will merged with Tonkeeper. So we can say Tonkeeper X is a nightly version of Tonkeeper to test the framework for those geek person.

As for new features? Yes, Tonkeeper X supports the widgets in iOS / Android, you can see your wallet balance and the $TON price in the launcher. But let's say the most handy one is multi-wallet support, finally you can hold multiple wallets in your mobile Tonkeeper X!

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This article was updated on January 15, 2024