USDT is coming to TON, for real?

There are rumors circulating that Tether's native stablecoin, USDt, is getting closer to being released. It seems like it might happen before the end of Q1 (although DetectiveTON remains skeptical about this).

However, DetectiveTON has observed increased activity in the stablecoin-contract repository on GitHub. Last week, TON's core developer tolya-yanot made some iterations to the code. It is worth noting that this repo has added functionality on top of the standard Jetton contract, allowing the Admin of jetton to transfer and burn tokens from user wallets and also lock/unlock users - all of which are technical requirements for issuing USDt by Tether.

Combining this with our previous discussion on Tonkeeper subscriptions, if USDt and subscriptions can be integrated into Telegram, it could potentially mark a turning point for TON. What do you think?

This article was updated on January 26, 2024