Would you be interested in a subscription-based Tonkeeper?

tonkeeper wallet

DetectiveTON has learned that Tonkeeper is working on launching Tonkeeper Premium, a service that will allow users to subscribe to a Premium subscription and receive on-chain gas credits, which will allow them to interact with Dapps without having $TON as their gas (Perhaps this will be first launched in Tonkeeper X).

We don't know the specific design and price yet, but all TON wallets are smart contract wallets (Wallet V4R2 contract is currently the mainstream contract), and according to the Wallet V5 contract announced some time ago, it comes with a extension function, which Tonkeeper may rely on to realize the gas fee payment.

This feature is obviously intended for Web 2 users who are new to the TON ecosystem, and we believe it will soon be integrated into Telegram's built-in TONSpace wallet.

DetectiveTON believes that this is a very positive signal. With the introduction of subscription system and USDT, we believe TON has the potential to replace Tron as the main payment method for users. So buckle up and let's see what Tonkeeper can bring to the table!


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This article was updated on January 18, 2024