When TON listing on Binance?



Toncoin (TON), the powerhouse behind TON eco, has been making waves in this cycle. Recently, it achieved a significant milestone by hitting an all-time high (ATH) of $7.79, showcasing a remarkable price increase of 342% over the past year. This surge has positioned Toncoin as a top contender in the cryptocurrency market, outperforming other L1 heavyweights like BTC and ETH.

But as Toncoin continues to climb, the community is buzzing with one burning question: Why hasn't Binance listed Toncoin for spot trading yet?

There are some rumors circulating in the market. We can't confirm if they will influence the listing, but it seems like a good time to discuss them here.

TON appears backed by OKX and Bybit, without stake from Binance Labs

Dig into the logo wall from TON website, we could see the missing of Binance, like other top L1 protocols, the investors and supporters for TON is Tier 1 player in the crypto venture world. But did you see it? There’s no Binance Labs logo on it! We all know the trading volume on Binance is the most effective leverage for Binance. So, we could bet Binance wouldn’t let competitors get the “exit” profit so easily.

Aside from conspiracy theories, there are also legitimate concerns regarding the listing of TON. Some of these concerns are positive, while others are not.

Market and Liquidity Concerns:

  • Token Distribution: Initial concerns regarding Toncoin’s token distribution—specifically, the concentration of supply in a few wallets—might pose risks of market manipulation. The TON Foundation has taken steps to improve transparency and address these issues. Binance might be waiting for a more decentralized distribution and improved liquidity to mitigate these risks.
  • Technical Readiness: Ensuring that the TON network can support the high volumes and demands of Binance’s trading environment might require additional technical enhancements and preparations.

Regulatory Shadows:

  • SEC History: Toncoin’s previous run-ins with the SEC may still be a factor. Exchanges like Binance are extremely cautious about listing tokens that might invite regulatory scrutiny, ensuring that they adhere to all legal standards before moving forward. Especially, CZ and Binance just plead guilty with DOJ.
  • Global Compliance: With Binance operating in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring that Toncoin’s listing complies with all these varied regulatory frameworks is a complex task that might require more time and diligence.

Strategic Decisions and Market Positioning:

  • Calculated Delay: There’s a theory that Pavel Durov, the mastermind behind Telegram, might be deliberately pacing the listing to coincide with strategic milestones within the TON ecosystem. This approach could ensure that when the listing does happen, Toncoin’s market and technical foundations are robust enough to handle the anticipated influx of activity.
  • Building Anticipation: By delaying the listing, there’s also a possibility of building more anticipation and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), which could potentially drive even greater interest and trading volume when the listing eventually occurs.

Toncoin is on a remarkable journey, and the anticipation surrounding its potential spot listing on Binance is palpable. As Toncoin continues to integrate deeper into Telegram’s ecosystem and expands its functionalities. Currently, TON is the nearest one which could achieve the mass adoption of crypto, onboarding its 70M MAU into on-chain world.

While the exact reasons for the current delay in spot listing on Binance remain speculative, the combination of regulatory prudence, strategic timing, and market readiness are likely factors at play. If you have some gossip or inside info about it, leave your comment below.

This article was updated on July 1, 2024